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easily manage any kind of event

Regardless if you are planning investor meetings or internal staff events, etouches has you covered. We know that you have to wear many hats when organizing different types of events and that’s why our solution has been tailored to your needs.

one unique solution to help you succesfully manage your events

The etouches solution helps you throughout the proccess of organizing your events. it gives you the flexibility to customize and manage everything from creating registration forms, sending out invitation emails, creating seating plans and much more. Since etouches is multi-lingual it enables corporations to organize and execute events globally.

key takeaways

  • send customizable invitations, track responses & send targeted reminders
  • create an event website and pre-approve registrants
  • help your registrants save time time by pre-loading personal data from previous events or from your database
  • easily manage and display seating plans
  • enable your clients to schedule 1-to-1 meetings with investors with the networking tool

you should start using etouches, today.

Seamlessly include event management in your ecosytem by integrating etouches with your other business applications. We provide packaged integrations with best-in-class software in various verticals such as marketing, association management, CRM & ERP, social networks, payment gateways, messaging and more. The etouches API provides a means to truly integrate your events with your favorite tools & solutions so that you make sure that your data is always up-to-date at anytime and in all you applications.

clients using etouches testimonial from Liz Lathan

We couldn’t believe how well and how easy we were able to capture global information and look at specific category spends. Our automated reporting has been a huge plus – we c

our solutions for you

our needs clients include
  • banks and institutions
  • hedge funds
  • insurance companies
  • global banks
  • local credit unions
  • brokerages
types of meetings managed
  • investor meetings
  • roadshows
  • customer conferences
  • internal meetings
  • trainings / academy
  • capital market events
  • risk management conferences
  • investment seminar
join these leading organizations
  • etouches client: Access Intelligence
  • etouches client: Amway
  • etouches client: Apax Partners
  • etouches client: Audi VW
  • etouches client: Aveda
  • etouches client: BNP Paribas
  • etouches client: Bose
  • etouches client: Citizens Bank
  • etouches client: Dell
  • etouches client: DHL
  • etouches client: Financial Times
  • etouches client: Fox
  • etouches client: Google
  • etouches client: IDG
  • etouches client: IIA
  • etouches client: Index
  • etouches client: Kellen
  • etouches client: Mary Kay
  • etouches client: Mastercard
  • etouches client: Mazda
  • etouches client: Mobile Marketing Association
  • etouches client: National Australia Bank
  • etouches client: Nato
  • etouches client: Navy Seal Foundation
  • etouches client: New Relic
  • etouches client: New York Times
  • etouches client: Npr
  • etouches client: Nuskin
  • etouches client: Reed Exhibitions
  • etouches client: Restaurant Associatoin
  • etouches client: St Georges Bank
  • etouches client: Synopsys
  • etouches client: TFI Group
  • etouches client: Thomas Cook
  • etouches client: Ticketmaster
  • etouches client: Tyco
  • etouches client: USA Today
  • etouches client: Vodafone
  • etouches client: World Nuclear Association

let’s get you started

From event registration and logistics, to event promotion and analytics, etouches enhances team collaboration with a single online platform.

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