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Digital Content Strategies for the Entire Event Lifecycle

By looking at the distinct phases of an event and taking into consideration the audiences that we are trying to engage, we can create timely content that delivers the right message to the right people at the right time. Using this approach, events have the best chance to attract community members, deliver valuable content and keep engagement going throughout the event cycle and beyond.


webinars / event best practices

With etouches webinars, get informed on the latest technology and event trends from industry experts! From product demos to best practices on all event aspects, our webinar program is a quick and easy way to acquire knowledge and takeaways to improve your business.

The Value of Experiential Event Design
Lisa Paul, Head of Marketing and Manager of Global Accounts at Kuoni Destination Management
Introduce and Measure Unrivaled Event Engagement
Brian Friedman, Product Director, Mobile, Data & Engagement at etouches
Digital Content Strategies for the Full Event Lifecycle
Miguel Neves, CMP, Digital Content & Community Manager at IMEX Group
How to Reinvent Frequently Used Destinations
Lisa Paul, Head of Marketing and Manager of Global Accounts at Kuoni Destination Management and Pascale Kanaan, Manager, Creative Solutions at Kuoni Destination Management
KYS – Know Your Sponsor to Succeed
Peter People, CEO of SponsorMyEvent
Gain More Purchasing Power with Venues
Mike Mason, Vice President, Sourcing & Hospitality Solutions at etouches
How to Empower Your Team to Promote Your Event Activities
Robyn Davis, Trade Show Strategy Specialist at When I Need Help
Why 2017 is the Year to Re-Evaluate Your Event Tech
Brandt Krueger, Host of Gather Geeks Podcast & Event Tech Guru
How 3 Simple Words Can Optimise Your Event Logistics &...
Tom Mursell, Growth Lead at what3words
Do You Need an Event Checkup? Common Event Tech Pain Points...
Lauren Williams, Marketing Content Producer
No Opportunity Wasted – Making Every Meeting Touchpoint Count
Tahira Endean, CMP, DES, Event Producer of #BCTECH Summit
Working From Om: Mindful Stress Management
Sarah Vaynerman, CEO & Founder of Work From Om
The Mad Science of Seating for Meetings and Events
Brittany Valente, Marketing Manager for Convene
Is Your eRFP Only a 10 Percenter?
Brad Langley, Vice President Third Party Market
The Collaborative Economy’s Impact on Events
Jeff Duncan, CEO of Meetingmax
How to Build a Standout RFP
Mike Mason, VP, Sourcing and Hospitality Solutions at etouches
Beyond Logos – Event Sponsorship that Works
Kate Dezarnaulds, Head of Partnerships, TEDxSydney
Enhancing Exhibitor Exposure with Social Media
Miguel Neves, CMP, Digital Content and Community Manager, IMEX Group
Set the Tone: How to Deliver a Best in Class Onsite Registr...
Amanda Threde, Senior Business Development Manager Validar Inc.
Looking Forward to Nothing: How the Next Gen of Tech will C...
John Federico CEO & Co-Founder EventHero
The Easiest Ways to Incorporate Wearables into your Event
Matthew Donegan-Ryan, Co-Founder FastBar
How To Activate Your Audience
Timo Kauppila, CEO and Co-Founder Catchbox
Delegate Experience & Event Tech Innovation
Daniel Elder, Global Chief Digital Officer of Comexposium
The Truth Behind ROI
Lauren Williams, Content Producer at etouches
Upgrade to Inbound Sponsorship – A How-To!
Peter Poehle, CEO of SponsorMyEvent
How Social Data Accidentally Saved E-mail Marketing
Aseem Badshah, CEO & Founder of Socedo
How To Get Consistent AV Experience Across The Country
Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein, Endless Entertainment
How Onsite Services Create Value For Your Event
Danny Stevens, CEO of Fielddrive
How Mobile Technology Can Help Keep Your Event Safe
Alyssa Lancefield, Sales Manager, InitLive Inc.
Participant Engagement & Transportation Messaging
Russell Wyman, CEO, GruupMeet & Angrea Mullaney, Account Manager, GruupMeet
Creative Communication for Your Event
Carsten Pleiser, Senior Sales Director, EMEA
Diving Deeper Into Cashless Payments
Kerem Baran, CEO of Boomset
Relationships and Interactions Over Transactions
Tara Plastock, Manager of Global Channel Development at etouches
Pre-Game Your Event with the Right Technology
Nicola Rossetti, VP of Global Marketing at etouches & Michael Barnett, CEO of InGo
Event Apps are Dead: Welcome the Event Remote Control
Julius Solaris, Editor of EventMB, Niko Nelissen, Vice President of Mobile, Data & Engagement at etouches, and Brandt Krueger, Host of GatherGeeks Podcast
3 Ways to Build a Thriving Events Community
Laura Lopez, Community Manager at Social Tables
Cut the C&*p: Research Backed Trends to Make Events Better
Julius Solaris, Editor of Event Manager Blog
Technology Should Feel Like Magic
Tim Holladay, CEO & Co-Founder of Crowd Mics
How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Attendee Enga...
Samuel J. Smith, Managing Director at Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC
The Future of Events is Not All About Technology
David Schenberg, Chief Evangelist & Keeper of Calm at BusyEvent
Embracing Perspective
Tess Vismale of the Meeting Pool, John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D. Strategic Management Consultant & Apoorva N. Gandhi, VP Multicultural Affairs of the Marriott International, Inc.
How To Fulfill The 5 Senses With AV
Will Curran, President of Endless Entertainment
Your Content Strategy in 2014 (January 2014)
Colleen Donnelly, Social Media & Content Strategy Professional
Designing Effective Experiences (January 2015)
Art Hvastovich, etouches Senior Experience Designer
ReFRESH: FRESH14 Conference Roundup! (February 2014)
Maarten Vanneste, FRESH Meeting Owner
1 Piece 5 Ways: Revamping Content to Fit Your Needs (February 2014)
Kristen Carvalho, etouches Content & Social Media Manager
Be a hero, integrate event software in your ecosystem (February 2014)
Nicola Rossetti, etouches Vice President, Global Marketing
Dude, where’s my (event) website? (March 2014)
Nicola Rossetti, etouches Vice President of Global Marketing
Top 10 Tips to a Successful Welcome Desk (March 2014)
Allison See, CEO of Integrity Elite Events
STAND OUT in the Crowd: Your Perfect Resume! (March 2014)
Jennifer Leahy, etouches Talent Manager
How Event Technology Can Create the Time for Event Planners...
William Thomson, Head Honcho of Gallus Events and Curator of Tech Fest
How to Rock Your Next Presentation (April 2014)
Cathy Nicolas, Presentation Designer at Specialiste Presentations & Supports
The Ultimate Event Appointment Management System (May 2014)
Carol Lynch, Director of Planner Communications and Janelle Caballero, Product Specialist from Elite Meetings International, Inc.
Revenge of the Floor Plans! (May 2014)
Dan Berger, CEO & Founder of Social Tables
12 Things You Better Get Straight When it Comes to Your Eve...
Kristen Carvalho, Content & Social Media Manager at etouches
Mission Possible: Inspiring Fun and Engaging Your Attendees...
Liz King, CEO & Chief Event Specialist of Liz King Events
Branding in Event Design (June 2014)
Kathiya Zelasco from Elite Styles Events
Building Relationships with Suppliers to Make Your Event A ...
Amanda Luppino-Esposito, Events Manager for the Charles Koch Institute and Editor of