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three ways to understand and apply our platform to your event management

An event Management Software has so much to offer. Bottom line, we are committed to help you streamlining your event management with innovative tools and facilitate the integration within your ecosystem and existing processes. One software, different angles from “list of features” to strategic event lifecycle components or mapped against the event timeline, we deliver.


Over 16 event modules with hundreds of features to manage all aspects of your events

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  • event ROIeROI

    event ROIeROI

    The etouches event ROI tool provides event organizers with a comprehensive view of the value their events generate — and the means to directly impact the outcomes. Our flexible tool measures and quantifies your event ROI in real-time against the goals you set. Throughout your event’s lifecycle, our integrated Insight-To-Action approach collects, integrates and analyzes a broad range of event data and performance metrics against trends, benchmarks and best practices. The visual dashboards provide you with the essential transparency and insight you need to take action and optimize your event’s value.

  • mobile event app (native)TapCrowd

    mobile event app (native)TapCrowd

    The TapCrowd mobile app boasts a unique blend of information, engagement communication modules. The app is the ideal companion for attendees on-site. From a list of sessions with speaker bios, to matchmaking, live polls & attendee messaging, the TapCrowd event mobile app has it all.
    The app isn't just a great tool for attendees. Thanks to the inclusion of monetization features such as banner ads, sponsored push notifications & premium listings, we allow planners to monetize on their event app. Detailed reports also give you detailed insight into the performance & ROI of your event.

  • venue sourcing (RFP)eRFP

    venue sourcing (RFP)eRFP

    The etouches venue sourcing solution enables meeting and event planners to search and compare more than 225,000 venues globally. Users can easily create RFPs, qualify, and contract event venues all within the platform. But there’s much more that goes into booking meetings and events.

    Our venue sourcing solution is different than other online eRFP tools. It takes planners beyond the eRFP and helps manage the most tedious parts of the booking process. The solution captures all the communications and negotiations, automating many of the manual tasks associated with sourcing meetings. It collects all of the key data automatically and simplifies the process of booking meetings.

  • venue sourcing for 3rd party plannerserfp-3rd-party

    venue sourcing for 3rd party plannerserfp-3rd-party

    etouches venue sourcing was created just for third-party planners with features to enable more collaboration with customers.

    The solution tracks all the back-and-forth communications, captures negotiations and bid evolution, and automates many of the manual tasks associated with sourcing meetings. A central RFP dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple meetings with multiple customers. It also collects key data automatically and provides easy reporting for comprehensive insights into spend and savings.

  • event registrationeReg

    event registrationeReg

    The registration module is the heart of the etouches platform. The registration module is a secure event registration, eCommerce and reporting engine. It offers the most comprehensive tool on the market for designing registration workflows and offering ad hoc reporting.
    Completely configurable, the registration module provides administrators with the tools needed for effective submission and registration management, badges, certificates, invitation creation, housing management, travel management and reporting.

  • event websiteeHome

    event websiteeHome

    Create a fully configurable event website with the website module that allows your event to be professionally displayed, marketed and promoted. Whether you need total control over look and feel, or just want to point-and-click your way to a professional website, the website module supports every type of user.

  • marketing & emaileMarketing

    marketing & emaileMarketing

    The marketing module offers an easy way to create and manage professional email marketing campaigns. It allows you to promote your event and communicate with your target audience. The module includes the ability to create HTML and text emails and deliver the emails while tracking click-throughs.
    The marketing module allows you to easily track whether your attendee generation campaigns are working and can offer new revenue opportunities through banner ad inclusion.

  • event surveyeSurvey

    event surveyeSurvey

    etouches' survey module is an online module for creating attendee surveys. Integrated with the registration module, it beats other survey solutions hands down. No more cutting and pasting lists of attendees together and importing into other survey tools.
    As soon as you’ve created an event and a registrant list, surveys can be sent without having to continuously update your survey participant list. The module also facilitates reports and generates data charts.

  • networking & matchmakingeSocial

    networking & matchmakingeSocial

    The network module allows delegates to connect securely and privately with other delegates pre-event to request on-site meetings, fostering productive business dealings. It frees organizers from the burden of administering meetings and provides summary and detail reports that show the level and type of networking taking place. The network module automates the process of matching up vendors and attendees of similar interests at hosted-buyer events and other meetings.

  • seating plan managereSeating

    seating plan managereSeating

    The seating module enables the rapid creation of seating charts for rooms of any size or specification. Using the drag-and-drop feature, attendees can be placed exactly where desired and be allowed to seat themselves.

  • exhibition booth managereBooth

    exhibition booth managereBooth

    Booth is a visual exhibition floor plan module that makes it easy to sell booth or table top exhibit space, as well as view which exhibitors will be present at a conference or tradeshow.

  • project managementeProject

    project managementeProject

    A project management tool designed specifically for meetings and events, the project module keeps the execution team focused, on track and on time by creating tasks, assigning ownership and developing timelines.
    The timeline is easily displayed and shows all tasks relevant to the project, who is responsible for what and the timeframe that has been allocated.

  • event budget managereBudget

    event budget managereBudget

    The budget module facilitates control and tracking of event expenditure, revenue streams and overall financial performance.
    A straightforward financial tool to input expenses and track revenue against real-time registrant data.

  • room & inventory managereScheduler

    room & inventory managereScheduler

    The scheduler module is designed for meeting planners to allocate their meeting room and equipment inventory among scheduled sessions. It is a planning tool that allows you to drag-and-drop your sessions into various rooms, stipulate set-up and room inventory, and generate custom reports to ensure that walk-throughs with your vendors, staff or client go as smoothly as possible.

  • abstracts & submissionseSelect

    abstracts & submissionseSelect

    The abstracts module easily handles a variety of selection processes and is the only product on the market that is configured to completely integrate with scheduling processes and speaker databases of an event. Using the abstract module saves time by eliminating the need to copy/paste speaker profiles and session descriptions into your agenda and website. The product features its own submission capture and review system to allow external reviewers and committees to easily evaluate submissions. Administrators can then convert chosen submissions into sessions and submitters into speakers.

  • scanning tooleScan

    scanning tooleScan

    The scan module is part of the etouches plus+ offering and can be added to any core or pro package. It’s an easy-to-use small scanning device that reads barcodes auto-generated through the registration module. It facilitates quick scanning and retrieval of attendee and booth guest information.

  • integrations, API & gatewayseData

    integrations, API & gatewayseData

    The etouches platform is tighly integrated with best-in-class softwares in various fields such as marketing, association management, CRM, social networks, payment gateways, messaging and more.
    The etouches integration module allows you to create custom integrations to connect other tools to the etouches platform.

Over 16 event modules with hundreds of features to manage all aspects of your events

before the event

From venue and hotel sourcing to budget planning or project management, the pre event is the most crucial aspect of event management. Many of our module will help you to set up your events and have full control on the execution while some of the listed module will be helpful during and post event.

  • project management (eProject)
  • event budget manager (eBudget)
  • event website (eHome)
  • marketing & email (eMarketing)
  • event registration (eReg)
  • abstracts & submissions (eSelect)
  • seating plan manager (eSeating)
  • exhibition booth manager (eBooth)
  • room & inventory manager (eScheduler)
  • event ROI (eROI)

Keep track of sessions, manage meetings and room change, communicate with attendees or scan leads, or engage with mobile app Update in real time sessions, room set up, track attendees with these modules

  • mobile event app (native) (TapCrowd)
  • scanning tool (eScan)
  • networking & matchmaking (eSocial)
  • event survey (eSurvey)
  • event registration (eReg)
  • room & inventory manager (eScheduler)
  • event ROI (eROI)

after the event

Use the reporting engine to view all your event metrics, follow up with the App, surveys and update your website for the next edition

  • mobile event app (native) (TapCrowd)
  • event survey (eSurvey)
  • marketing & email (eMarketing)
  • event budget manager (eBudget)
  • event ROI (eROI)

in between events

Duplicate templates and set up. Use data and reports to improve for the next edition. Leverage integrations to feed your ecosystem or future event with your existing data and content. Compare events with cross reporting

  • event registration (eReg)
  • event website (eHome)

Over 16 event modules with hundreds of features to manage all aspects of your events

hotel & venue sourcing

Sourcing hotel and venues is one of the first steps. Our tools offer not only a vast choice of hotel and venues worldwide but more criteria than any other tool in the market to understand all aspects of the RFP process, from travel to F&B forecast according to the location you picked.

  • hotel and venue sourcing(eRFP)
  • manage travel and housing(eReg)
  • manage travel budget(eBudget)

event marketing & content

Our event website builder helps you creating website that automatically features event related functionalities. Combined with registration, social sign on and email marketing you have all the tools to promote your events and manage the content

  • marketing and email(eMarketing)
  • event website(eHome)
  • abstract and speaker management(eSelect)

event registration & logistics

An event is always a logistic challenge : from booth design to seating dinner rule or room inventory and management, etouches platforms offers you the tool to be in control

  • manage participants sessions & agendas(eReg)
  • room scheduler(eScheduler)
  • seating management tool(eSeating)
  • exhibition booth manager(eBooth)
  • scanning tool(eScan)

event engagement & mobile

Facilitate communication and engagement : our Native mobile application fetaures 20+ functionalities from communication to engagement or even monetization

  • native mobile event app(TapCrowd)
  • networking and matchmaking(eSocial)
  • surveys and feedback(eSurvey)

Although event ROI is the final stage of the process, it is also the first one where you define your goals (revenue, engagement, cost, etc). To be able to measure your ROI, you will leverage several platform components

SMM, workflows reporting and data:

  • define and measure success(eROI)
  • online registration(eReg)
  • event budget management(eBudget)
  • leverage integrations, API & gateways(eData)


  • event project management eProject
  • leverage professional services eProject
  • duplicate event templates eReg

How to buy etouches event management software?

All the above modules can be purchase from 3 packages. You don’t pay by module for core and pro, only your price per registration will change ( and decrease with committed volumes ) you have access to all modules included in the package. plus+ modules can be purchased individually. Visit package and pricing page for more information.


the event essentials

Market (emailing and website creation), manage (event registration) and audit (create and send live surveys).

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the event power suite

Includes the core package and pro features like timeline and schedule management, seating, social matchmaking, and exhibitor floor plans.

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value added add-ons

The plus package includes add-on options to the quad or pro packages. Products, services and integrations connect technology.

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let’s get you started

From event registration and logistics, to event promotion and analytics, etouches enhances team collaboration with a single online platform.

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