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  • venue sourcing (RFP)

    Find and book venues for your events

    The etouches venue sourcing solution enables meeting and event planners to search and compare more than 225,000 venues globally. Users can easily create RFPs, qualify, and contract event venues all within the platform. But there’s much more that goes into booking meetings and events.

    Our venue sourcing solution is different than other online eRFP tools. It takes planners beyond the eRFP and helps manage the most tedious parts of the booking process. The solution captures all the communications and negotiations, automating many of the manual tasks associated with sourcing meetings. It collects all of the key data automatically and simplifies the process of booking meetings.

  • venue sourcing for 3rd party planners

    strategic sourcing for your events

    etouches venue sourcing was created just for third-party planners with features to enable more collaboration with customers.

    The solution tracks all the back-and-forth communications, captures negotiations and bid evolution, and automates many of the manual tasks associated with sourcing meetings. A central RFP dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple meetings with multiple customers. It also collects key data automatically and provides easy reporting for comprehensive insights into spend and savings.

  • event registration

    Manage registration & sessions, get detailed reports

    The registration module is the heart of the etouches platform. The registration module is a secure event registration, eCommerce and reporting engine. It offers the most comprehensive tool on the market for designing registration workflows and offering ad hoc reporting.
    Completely configurable, the registration module provides administrators with the tools needed for effective submission and registration management, badges, certificates, invitation creation, housing management, travel management and reporting.

  • event website

    Promote your event, inform and engage your audience

    Create a fully configurable event website with the website module that allows your event to be professionally displayed, marketed and promoted. Whether you need total control over look and feel, or just want to point-and-click your way to a professional website, the website module supports every type of user.

  • marketing & email

    HTML and text email messaging with click-through reporting

    The marketing module offers an easy way to create and manage professional email marketing campaigns. It allows you to promote your event and communicate with your target audience. The module includes the ability to create HTML and text emails and deliver the emails while tracking click-throughs.
    The marketing module allows you to easily track whether your attendee generation campaigns are working and can offer new revenue opportunities through banner ad inclusion.

  • event survey

    Customizable, skip logic-enabled surveys

    etouches' survey module is an online module for creating attendee surveys. Integrated with the registration module, it beats other survey solutions hands down. No more cutting and pasting lists of attendees together and importing into other survey tools.
    As soon as you’ve created an event and a registrant list, surveys can be sent without having to continuously update your survey participant list. The module also facilitates reports and generates data charts.

  • networking & matchmaking

    1-to-1 meetings,matchmaking tool,agenda & messaging

    The network module allows delegates to connect securely and privately with other delegates pre-event to request on-site meetings, fostering productive business dealings. It frees organizers from the burden of administering meetings and provides summary and detail reports that show the level and type of networking taking place. The network module automates the process of matching up vendors and attendees of similar interests at hosted-buyer events and other meetings.

  • seating plan manager

    Create seating plans, design rules & assign seats

    The seating module enables the rapid creation of seating charts for rooms of any size or specification. Using the drag-and-drop feature, attendees can be placed exactly where desired and be allowed to seat themselves.

  • exhibition booth manager

    Design booths and floor plans and publish them online

    Booth is a visual exhibition floor plan module that makes it easy to sell booth or table top exhibit space, as well as view which exhibitors will be present at a conference or tradeshow.

  • project management

    Create tasks and assign & manage event projects

    A project management tool designed specifically for meetings and events, the project module keeps the execution team focused, on track and on time by creating tasks, assigning ownership and developing timelines.
    The timeline is easily displayed and shows all tasks relevant to the project, who is responsible for what and the timeframe that has been allocated.

  • event budget manager

    Track revenue, forecast and export

    The budget module facilitates control and tracking of event expenditure, revenue streams and overall financial performance.
    A straightforward financial tool to input expenses and track revenue against real-time registrant data.

  • room & inventory manager

    Create rooms, assign resources and equipment

    The scheduler module is designed for meeting planners to allocate their meeting room and equipment inventory among scheduled sessions. It is a planning tool that allows you to drag-and-drop your sessions into various rooms, stipulate set-up and room inventory, and generate custom reports to ensure that walk-throughs with your vendors, staff or client go as smoothly as possible.

  • abstracts & submissions

    Submit, review, select, push to session

    The abstracts module easily handles a variety of selection processes and is the only product on the market that is configured to completely integrate with scheduling processes and speaker databases of an event. Using the abstract module saves time by eliminating the need to copy/paste speaker profiles and session descriptions into your agenda and website. The product features its own submission capture and review system to allow external reviewers and committees to easily evaluate submissions. Administrators can then convert chosen submissions into sessions and submitters into speakers.

  • scanning tool

    badge scanning, lead collection, traffic capture

    The scan module is part of the etouches plus+ offering and can be added to any core or pro package. It’s an easy-to-use small scanning device that reads barcodes auto-generated through the registration module. It facilitates quick scanning and retrieval of attendee and booth guest information.

  • integrations, API & gateways

    Powerful integrations APIs and gateways

    The etouches platform is tighly integrated with best-in-class softwares in various fields such as marketing, association management, CRM, social networks, payment gateways, messaging and more.
    The etouches integration module allows you to create custom integrations to connect other tools to the etouches platform.

  • event ROI

    data capture, insight & activation across the event lifecycle

    The etouches event ROI tool provides event organizers with a comprehensive view of the value their events generate — and the means to directly impact the outcomes. Our flexible tool measures and quantifies your event ROI in real-time against the goals you set. Throughout your event’s lifecycle, our integrated Insight-To-Action approach collects, integrates and analyzes a broad range of event data and performance metrics against trends, benchmarks and best practices. The visual dashboards provide you with the essential transparency and insight you need to take action and optimize your event’s value.

  • mobile event app (native)

    Create, manage & launch professional mobile apps

    The TapCrowd mobile app boasts a unique blend of information, engagement communication modules. The app is the ideal companion for attendees on-site. From a list of sessions with speaker bios, to matchmaking, live polls & attendee messaging, the TapCrowd event mobile app has it all.
    The app isn't just a great tool for attendees. Thanks to the inclusion of monetization features such as banner ads, sponsored push notifications & premium listings, we allow planners to monetize on their event app. Detailed reports also give you detailed insight into the performance & ROI of your event.

clients using etouches testimonial from Kathie Stapleton

We have been using etouches for our event management for several years and have found it to be an excellent product. Initially, we used it for registration, email confirmations and... MPI Greater NY Chapter
  • venue sourcing (RFP) product tour

    RFP Dashboard
  • venue sourcing for 3rd party planners product tour

    RFP Dashboard
  • event registration product tour

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  • event website product tour

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  • marketing & email product tour

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  • event survey product tour

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  • networking & matchmaking product tour

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  • seating plan manager product tour

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  • exhibition booth manager product tour

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  • project management product tour

    manage tasks on your timeline using drag & drop
  • event budget manager product tour

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  • room & inventory manager product tour

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  • abstracts & submissions product tour

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  • scanning tool product tour

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  • integrations, API & gateways product tour

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  • event ROI product tour

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  • mobile event app (native) product tour

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  • Detailed features for venue sourcing (RFP)

    • ad-free search engine with access to 225,000 venues worldwide
    • comprehensive RFP tool to help you build RFPs in minutes
    • user-friendly RFP dashboard
    • receive complete bids – usually the same day
    • easily share customized bid summary with decision makers
    • powerful Negotiation Engine capture all communication and bid updates in one place
    • easy reporting with visualized data
    • integration with registration module to sync agenda and venue details

    before the event

    • Request venues, rates and rooms
    • Receive notifications of edits to the RFP request
    • Generate RFPs to be sent directly to selected vendors and venues

    after the event

    in between events

    • Clone your set-up to re-use it for similar events
    Note: venue sourcing (RFP) is available as part of the plus package.
  • Detailed features for venue sourcing for 3rd party planners

    • Simple RFP creation – 92% hotel response rate
    • Manage multiple meetings/multiple customers from a single RFP dashboard
    • Interactive bid summary to easily manage proposals, customer changes, and hotel communications
    • No more spreadsheets; share customized bid summary with customer, via link
    • Negotiation Tracker™: technology that captures bid evolution, negotiations, and contracts
    • iSite™: Technology to enable client access to view venue responses in real time, 24/7 without buying another license
    • Capture all meeting costs and in-depth savings by customer
    • Easily manage client and sales people commission splits
    • Team management capabilities
    • Business analytics – forecast commission income, cash flow, and payment time frame
    • integration with registration module to sync agenda and venue details

    before the event

    • Request venues, rates and rooms
    • Receive notifications of edits to the RFP request
    • Generate RFPs to be sent directly to selected vendors and venues

    after the event

    in between events

    • Clone your set-up to re-use it for similar events
    Note: venue sourcing for 3rd party planners is available as part of the plus package.
  • Detailed features for event registration

    • Configurable online registration tool
    • Personal & detailed event creation
    • Customizable branding & pricing
    • Capability to collect registration fees via credit card in any global currency
    • Send automated and personalized registration emails

    before the event

    • Set up registration forms with profile questions, sessions, additional options, travel requests & hotel bookings
    • Schedule sessions and allocate rooms and speakers
    • Assign registration fees, manage payments & refunds, define invoice & tax settings
    • Create paying or guest categories & define category rules
    • Create special offers using discount codes & set up early bird registration fees
    • Manage & follow-up invited speakers
    • Send automated and personalized registration emails
    • Design fully customizable badges with personalized information
    • Create on-site registration forms to allow attendees to self-register/check-in and print their badge onsite
    • Display specific information on check-in screens according to the attendee category or to their balance status
    • See how your event is performing in real-time

    after the event

    • Analyze registration & attendance figures using the summary report
    • Create and manage custom reports & generate direct access links for board members
    • Create and send custom certificate of attendance
    • Create and follow-up category goals

    in between events

    • Duplicate forms, emails & workflow to save time when setting up the registration form of the next edition of your event
    • View and download cross event reports to compare similar events

    event registration is ideal for

    • Simple or complex events
    • Individual and group registration
    • Exhibitor and speaker registration
    • Invoice creation and payments
    • Housing and travel management
    • Cross-event reporting
    • On-site attendee check-in and on demandbadge generation
    Note: event registration is available as part of the core and pro packages.
  • Detailed features for event website

    • Create a professional event website
    • No technical skills required. Easy set-up
    • Customizable look & feel
    • Javascript widgets supported
    • Advanced users can create templates using CSS

    before the event

    • Design your website with your company visuals and add as many pages as you want
    • Allow potential attendees to sign up to your event newsletter from your event website
    • Promote sponsors by adding their logo on your event website
    • Display practical information on registration and add a direct link to your registration form
    • Display a real-time attendee list to show who is attending
    • Post on-site pictures and videos of the best moments of the day to encourage new registrations for the following days
    • Display exhibition floorplan and a general map of your event venue

    after the event

    • Review post-event stats with key figures and graphic charts
    • Create a protected portal to give your attendees an access to your event proceedings
    • Use Google Analytics to get insights into how visitors find and used your site

    in between events

    • Duplicate website configuration to re-use it for similar events by just updating the content instead of starting from scratch

    event website is ideal for

    • DIY efficient event website
    • Customized look and feel (CSS)
    • Event promotion and marketing
    • Automated and easy updates
    • Event content, agenda, and videos
    • The year long central hub of your event
    • Offer extra visibility to event partners
    Note: event website is available as part of the core and pro packages.
  • Detailed features for marketing & email

    • Configure and design e-mails to promote your event
    • Send personalized invitation e-mails
    • Get reports with details on opens, unsubscribes, etc.
    • Upload Excel-based mailing lists
    • Send targeted e-mails to specific audiences

    before the event

    • Send personalized invitations asking your guests to decline or respond through a direct link to the registration form
    • Create & easily clone email templates using your event branding & include sponsor logos
    • Schedule newsletters containing special offers such as discount codes or specific offers
    • Keep your attendees up-to-date with last-minute e-mail updates
    • Create an on-site newsletter to send each day with information about the key moments of the day and a brief summary of what should not be missed on the next day

    after the event

    • Send a thank you email to all your attendees containing a link to your post-event survey
    • View and download email click-through report to measure the impact of your newsletters
    • Track opening, unsuscribes & bounces to update your mailing list and enhance the quality of its contact details

    in between events

    • Clone emails templates to save time by only changing a few designs and not starting from scratch

    marketing & email is ideal for

    • E-mail marketing campaigns
    • Smart invitations
    • Driving attendance
    • Attendee messaging
    • Prospecting new clients
    • Communicating with event
    • Stakeholders
    Note: marketing & email is available as part of the core and pro packages.
  • Detailed features for event survey

    • Create quick, simple & customizable surveys
    • Add multiple types of questions (multiple choice, free text, etc.)
    • Used for voting, trends tracking, quality check, pre/post tests and more
    • Customize colors, fonts and logos or use your event template
    • View and export detailed reports in multiple formats

    before the event

    • Send web surveys to track trends and estimate attendance
    • Use quiz scoring to send pre-tests evaluating participants level before they attend a training session
    • Create online voting or election forms with as many options as you need
    • Get on-site attendee feedback on your event sessions
    • Set-up interactive sessions

    after the event

    • Create and send post tests to measure training results
    • Send satisfaction surveys to your attendees to get their post-event feedback
    • Upload survey/test data to pie, bar and line graph charts to use in post-event presentations

    in between events

    • Clone your surveys to save time when creating them for your next event; easily analyze cross-event survey results

    event survey is ideal for

    • Post-event evaluations
    • Feedback on sessions and speakers
    • Assessing attendee preferences
    • Gauging topic interests
    • Planning event content
    • Voting
    • Send pre and post-tests
    Note: event survey is available as part of the core and pro packages.
  • Detailed features for networking & matchmaking

    • Enhance networking and automate matchmaking
    • Customizable meeting & messages center
    • Automatically send personalized meeting invitations
    • Allow attendees to specify their interests during registration
    • Fully customizable look & feel
    • Attendees can easily view their personal schedule

    before the event

    • Assign specific rooms and time slots for 1-to-1 or group meetings
    • Allow attendees to get in touch with each other by sending messages & scheduling onsite meetings
    • Use the matchmaking tool to auto-generate appointments based on matching various criteria
    • Give your exhibitors the opportunity to contact potential clients & invite them to visit their booth
    • Print and give your attendees their personal schedule including session selection and confirmed 1-to-1 appointments
    • Give your attendees the opportunity to book spaces for private meetings
    • Allow your attendees to reschedule or cancel their appointments at any time

    after the event

    • Allow attendees to get in touch with people they did not manage to meet during the event through the message center
    • Analyze & export reports on attendees interest
    • Use the meeting report to measure the networking level of your event

    in between events

    • Clone your networking set-up to re-use it for similar networking events

    networking & matchmaking is ideal for

    • Delegate networking
    • Vendor & attendee appointments
    • Pre-event online messaging
    • Face-to-face meeting requests
    • Scheduling meetings by interests
    • Automated matchmaking process
    Note: networking & matchmaking is available as part of the pro package.
  • Detailed features for seating plan manager

    • Manage seating assignment and room layout
    • Design color-coded table plans & rooms
    • Allow attendees to seat themselves
    • Easily export and send your seating plan to the event venue
    • Manage table access using category restriction
    • Easily locate attendees by name or company using the search feature

    before the event

    • Allow attendees to seat themselves by adding a dynamic seating plan to the registration form
    • Design multiple seating plans per event
    • Print PDF seating plans to share with the on-site staff
    • Print table repartition to check attendee in and manage seating organization onsite

    after the event

    in between events

    • Clone your seating plan to re-use it for your next events

    seating plan manager is ideal for

    • Deciding location of room elements
    • Managing multiple seating charts
    • Selling tickets to self-seating events
    • Quick table or seat changes
    • Defined seating rules
    • Streamlining seating placement online
    Note: seating plan manager is available as part of the pro package.
  • Detailed features for exhibition booth manager

    • Create and display your exhibition’s floor plan
    • Your exhibitors can view and purchase booth space themselves
    • Easily add your own floor plan image
    • Set-up booth sizes and rates
    • Attendees can easily locate exhibitors

    before the event

    • Allow exhibitors to purchase booth space online
    • Exhibitors can update their listing at any given time before the event
    • Ateendees can easily locate exhibitors they want to visit
    • Promote exhibitors on your website to attract more attendees

    after the event

    in between events

    • Save time & clone your floorplan for future events at the same venue

    exhibition booth manager is ideal for

    • Showcasing floor plans
    • Exhibitor listings
    • Selling exhibit space
    • Managing booth areas
    • Small to mid-sized exhibitions
    • Freeing up your sales team
    Note: exhibition booth manager is available as part of the pro package.
  • Detailed features for project management

    • Easily manage your event team
    • Create & assign tasks and monitor progress
    • View all tasks in a handy Gantt-chart view
    • Add notes & documents to tasks
    • Run cross-event task reports

    before the event

    • Assign tasks to your team and vendors
    • Send due-date reminder emails to your team
    • Create tasks and monitor progression
    • Print PDF calendar for your on-site staff
    • Keep record of your last minutes added tasks

    after the event

    • Assign & monitor post event tasks

    in between events

    • Clone event timeline
    • Run cross-event task reports

    project management is ideal for

    • Organizing team projects
    • Time-sensitive tasks
    • Planning intricate events
    • Event creation timeline
    • Managing a client base
    • Cross-departmental task management
    Note: project management is available as part of the pro package.
  • Detailed features for event budget manager

    • Keep track of your expenses & revenue
    • Run profitability reports against real-time registrant data
    • Design your own budget templates
    • Easily export your reports to Excel

    before the event

    • Design your own budget template organized by categories, vendors, attendees & cost
    • Create budget for approval
    • Revenue & per head expenses automatically updated in real-time allowing you to focus on your event management

    after the event

    • Cross-reference event data against your budget to track deficit and surplus
    • Generate variance reports

    in between events

    • Clone budget template
    • Run cross-event profitability reports

    event budget manager is ideal for

    • Tracking spending of multiple vendors
    • Sponsorships or exhibitor packages
    • Ticketed events or eCommerce
    • Monitoring budgets in real-time
    • Accessing the ROI of an event
    • Non-financial experts
    Note: event budget manager is available as part of the pro package.
  • Detailed features for room & inventory manager

    • Manage room inventory & seating plans
    • Schedule meetings & allocate A/V equipment
    • Handy color-coded timeline view
    • Generate custom reports
    • Easily generate and send event specifications to the event venue
    • Define specific access for users
    • Unlimited custom reports exportable in spreadsheets or PDF

    before the event

    • Define rooms' inventory & seating plan
    • Allow specific users to set up meetings
    • Export and send specifications to the event venue
    • Define needs of on-site staff
    • Generate staff on-site schedule
    • Create daily agendas with each rooms’information

    after the event

    in between events

    • Clone rooms set up to re-use your settings for your next similar event

    room & inventory manager is ideal for

    • Creating event schedules
    • Organizing multiple activities at once
    • Meeting room set-up
    • Inventory tracking
    • Managing event room agendas
    • Generating reports for walk-throughs
    Note: room & inventory manager is available as part of the pro package.
  • Detailed features for abstracts & submissions

    • Collect, review & manage abstract submissions
    • Create an editable abstract book with the push of a button
    • Add approved speakers and sessions to your event website
    • Easily review and follow-up on submissions
    • Access for committee members to read reviews & select content

    before the event

    • Collect submissions during your call for abstracts and send notifications
    • Give your reviewers the possibility to view & review their assigned abstracts
    • Allow committee members to view abstracts & reviews to select abstract
    • Build your program by linking abstracts to session & converting authors to speakers
    • Hand-out abstract books or send it by email to your attendees
    • Export speakers' biographies & abstracts to be used by chairmen to introduce sessions

    after the event

    • Keep your abstracts data stored
    • Send a thank you email to your speakers & authors

    in between events

    • Clone your configuration & update your topic lists to quickly create your abstract website for next events

    abstracts & submissions is ideal for

    • abstract/call for papers
    • call for speakers or topics
    • awards programs
    • leadership nomination process
    • volunteer management programs
    • résumé submission
    Note: abstracts & submissions is available as part of the plus package.
  • Detailed features for scanning tool

    • Easy-to-use lead retrieval
    • Turn booth visitors into leads
    • Capture booth traffic
    • Track sessions and breakouts
    • Fully integrated with the registration module

    before the event

    • Easy-to-use lead retrieval
    • Turn booth visitors into leads
    • Capture booth traffic
    • Track sessions and breakouts
    • Fully integrated with the registration module
    • Efficient lead retrieval
    • Capture booth traffic
    • Record delegate attendance
    • Track sessions and breakouts

    after the event

    in between events

    • Cross reference data with previous events to measure loyalty rates & attendance evolution

    scanning tool is ideal for

    • Offering lead retrieval to your exhibitors
    • Capturing booth traffic
    Note: scanning tool is available as part of the plus package.
  • Detailed features for integrations, API & gateways

    • Out-of-the-box integrations with industry-leading software such as Salesforce, Silverpop, Eloqua, Marketo, and more.
    • Powerful API that allows you to sync etouches data with other platforms
    • Single sign-on integrations with OneLogin & Okta (SAML)

    before the event

    • Out-of-the-box integrations with industry-leading software such as Salesforce, Silverpop, Eloqua, Marketo, and more
    • Powerful API that allows you to sync etouches data with other platforms
    • Single sign-on integrations with OneLogin & Okta (SAML)
    • Manage your staff travel expenses integrating your staff registrations with GetThere, Passkey or Concur
    • Contact your attendees onsite by sending them text messages using Clickatell or Onwire

    after the event

    • Make the most of your event leads by integrating your event data with Salesforce

    in between events

    • Use the etouches API to synchronize your etouches data with other solutions/tools you use.
    Note: integrations, API & gateways is available as part of the plus package.
  • Detailed features for event ROI

    • customizable templates help you define your event goals
    • instantly connect goals to a wide range of metrics & data sources
    • get immediate insight into your actions and optimize the overall event value
    • assess your event’s performance in real-time
    • visual, drillable dashboards rapidly expose issues & successes
    • get contextual advice and use the integrated knowledge base to further improve your event ROI
    • unique big data driven technology

    before the event

    • use customizable templates to define your event’s success criteria (goals)
    • link your goals to related metrics from a wide range of data sources including registration data, your mobile app, iBeacons, surveys and much more
    • uniquely combine qualitative and quantitative factors as needed
    • Quickly asses your event and follow up on your goals in real-time with visual dashboards that provide clarity and ease of use
    • Drill down to quickly identify areas requiring attention
    • Take action right away using the integrated knowledge base

    after the event

    • Get detailed insights on the performance of your event
    • use your Event ROI data to define areas to focus on for future events

    in between events

    • prioritize and address inefficiencies to define new strategies for next events
    • reuse goals templates for similar events

    event ROI is ideal for

    • define your event’s success criteria
    • measure results from a wide range of data sources
    • quickly assess your event in real-time
    • gauge progress and preempt issues
    • identify goals requiring your attention
    • view contextual information from the knowledge base
    • Leverage the integrated etouches platform for a data-driven approach
    Note: event ROI is available as part of the plus package.
  • Detailed features for mobile event app (native)

    • Powerful yet easy-to-use mobile app that your attendees will love
    • 25+ features that can be activated at the flick of a switch
    • Tightely integrated with etouches
    • Native app for iOS, Android and a HTML5 web app
    • Easily change the look & feel of your event app
    • Engage with your attendees in real-time through push notifications
    • Designed from an event planner perspective with a strong focus on ROI & performance metrics.
    • Pro services include app design creation, data entry and more

    before the event

    • Set up your app and activate modules. Features can be activated even when your app is live. Updates get pushed to attendees automatically
    • Customize the look & feel of your app to make it match your event
    • Data from etouches such as sessions, speakers and more is synced automatically
    • Add poll questions and surveys to your app. These can be activated at the right point-in-time during the event
    • Submit the app to the app stores at least 4 weeks before the event. Our Professional Services team is available to assist you in every step of the app building process: defining an event app strategy, setting up your app and its engagement features and submission to the app stores.
    • Promote your event app with pre-event mailings, app link on badges & tickets and more
    • Set-up iBeacons at the venue to enable indoor location tracking
    • Set up your social channels such as Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn & Instagram
    • Start selling app monetization features such as banner ads, sponsored push notifications and more
    • Activate polls at the right point-in-time during sessions; attendees answer from the app, results are shown in real-time in the session room
    • Send push notifcations to keep attendees engaged and up-to-date
    • See how your event is performing in real-time
    • Set-up last-minute surveys to get feedback fast
    • Reach out to attendees with personalized push notifications based on attendee interests
    • Allow exhibitors to capture leads by using the lead retrieval functionality
    • Enable attendees to bookmark people or companies they were interested in such as sessions, speakers, exhibitors, event partners and more

    after the event

    • Check post-event reports
    • Analyze survey results
    • Make keynote speaker slides available in the app
    • Send push notifcations with post-event updates
    • Sell leads to sponsors/exhibitors based on what attendees were interested in
    • Send out post-show e-mails containing all the content people have favorited

    in between events

    • Benchmark events by using TapCrowd reporting
    • Create a multi-event app that contains your year-long events

    mobile event app (native) is ideal for

    • Tradeshow organizers
    • Large conferences
    • Corporate event planners
    • PCOs/agencies
    Note: mobile event app (native) is available as part of the plus package.

How to buy etouches event management software?

All the above modules can be purchased from 3 packages. You don’t pay by module for core and pro, only your price per registration will change ( and decrease with committed volumes ) you have access to all modules included in the package. plus+ modules can be purchased individually. Visit package and pricing page for more information.


the event essentials

Market (emailing and website creation), manage (event registration) and audit (create and send live surveys).

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the event power suite

Includes the core package and pro features like timeline and schedule management, seating, social matchmaking, and exhibitor floor plans.

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value added add-ons

The plus package includes add-on options to the quad or pro packages. Products, services and integrations connect technology.

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let’s get you started

From event registration and logistics, to event promotion and analytics, etouches enhances team collaboration with a single online platform.

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Platform modules

venue sourcing (RFP)

venue sourcing (RFP)
Find venues for your events and get quotes.

eRFP is an add-on plus+ product to either quad or pro solutions. eRFP allows meeting planners to electronically automate the RFP process of soliciting, qualifying, selecting, and communicating with travel and hospitality vendors from initial inquiry to contact. etouches partners with Meetingselect

to give event and travel professionals the ability to handle every step of the meeting process from searching for venues, online registration, onsite check-in, and post-event evaluations.

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What to love

Request venues, rates and rooms with a database of 72,000 hotels worldwide. Receive notifications of edits to the RFP request. Generate RFPs to be sent directly to selected vendors and venues.

How it’s priced

eRFP module is a plus+ product add-on to either the quad or pro package. Pricing includes activation, web-based live training, 24/7 technical support, and access to the client support portal featuring live chat.

About eRFP partners
our partners represent the leading hospitality solutions providers connecting corporations, hotels, serviced apartments and travel intermediaries in the largest online global hospitality marketplace.
About Meetingselect

Meetingselect automates cost and time consuming elements of meeting management from planning a meeting to sourcing venues to analyzing reports and measuring savings. With the use of the selfbooking tool for meetings and group reservations, meeting planners and purchasers can source hotels and meeting venues worldwide.